Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A good story

"dont let teenages sing and ride a bike"
"i was up at the soccer fields playing soccer with my brother and sister. It was a really hot day , so we desided to go home and get some water. as i got on my bike with my soccer ball tucked under my arm, and sped off across the parking lot, I started louddly singing so what by pink, forgetteing that big thick ropes seperated the parking lanes. The part of tghe song that goes " I got my rock moves, and i dont neeed you, and guess what" thwn i heard my brother yell my name and when i got lifted off my bike!I was held up by the rope, hanging by my neck. my bike fell beneath me, and i was slingshotted down on my back tire. My sister and brother ran over to me. ouickly, they picked me up and moved me on the the benches.a lady showed up, luckily she had a first aid kit in her car, because she said she was once stung by a bullhead. The lady was going to give me a ride home, but my sister said "no".

When my mom got home from work my brother and sister hid me behind themselfs, They told my mom my mom not to panic and moved to the the side. I lifted my head and heard a loud Gasp from my mom. she rushed me to th clinic. The doctor walked in and gasped loud too. He asked how did this happen? Then i told him a good story, I was riding my tricycle and it was dark out, and ther was a rope with a blinking light on it, but i was to caught up on a good song to otic, and i was clothes lined. The doctor looked at my mom and said "are you serious?" I got him with my story.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I think that the future of journalism will open up because everything is going to be ready because ever thing that a journalist need is going to be either on the news, internet, and social media. I also think that everyone will so what be a journalist, just because of the new technologies we have. For example of of the social media and how people are able to put pictures and post from where ever they are now. Facebook and twitter will grow over the years because you can get a tweet to everyone instantly. I think finding out the information about things is going to be a lot faster then it is now because of all the social medias and news TV shows. news papers are going to be the same i think because the way the newspapers are now we are able to get facts from all over the world that happened in the last few days. social media can get information to you quicker them the newspapers can because people always get the most recent tweets before they start to read down the twitter feed.

Today people will go to Google to look up information that they need, but the information they get off Google is not always truthful. When those people could go to any social media site and type what information that they need and everything that is trending about the topic they need will pop up. Because of social media you can put a hash-tag before the information you need and everything that some one has tweeted over the amount of time the event happened.

I just feel like everything is going to go mobile because people are now starting to get smart phone, people are more on the go, and people don't always have time to go home and watch TV. Everything is going to be on apps also. Now the people who have a smart phone have at least 1-2 news apps on it. Journalists are going to start uploading the news story's faster because is all going to be mobile now.

Monday, February 9, 2015

what is journalism?

Journalism is a way that we can get the news about what is happening around. Journalist try and get the truth out, by writing a story about something big that would catch. Journalism is the act of writing newspapers, interviews, or talk radios. Are somethings worth to write about? i think that no matter what is happening or something bad that happened. iI just think that we deserve to know what is going on. Some cites understand the freedom of reporting and news traveling should be respected as much as possible. They say somethings should not be written because they say that it is to protect the people around them. http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/09/asia/japan-blocks-journalist-travel-to-syria/

I understand that the government is trying to protect us but the only way they can protect us, is if they let the journalist go and do their work. They try and stop journalist from going into the war because of how dangerous it is for unarmed journalists http://www.vanityfair.com/news/politics/2014/05/journalists-missing-in-syria

Journalism can be not just a writ in news can be sent around on social media, I think now days people mostly have a smart phone of some sort, people are always on them so it will be the fastest way to spread the news around world. Journalism can be spread as soon as an event happened. the biggest social media sites are twitter and Facebook, journalists are more likely to get their news out alot quicker. http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/s/social_media/index.html

Other ways news can get around really quick is videos and pictures. Because pictures and videos speck the truth because they are actually real and we can see how or hear what happened in an event. Interviews are really huge also. In interviews we can hear would someone saw or what someone did to make something really big. Journalist love interviews because they can get a few quotes for a person that knows the events. Quotes are probably the biggest notes journalists need to make a news story. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Truth is something that journalist do a job or hobby, truth can have a two way story. You can have a story that you think is the truth and you can have a lying side of the story. Truth is what journalist try and get out of stories or just people in general. You can't always believe what you read.